Why We’re The Best

Low Minimums! Affordable Pricing!

Why Are We The Best?
Low Minimum Quantity Requirements
Private Label Manufacturing
Small High Quality Batches
New & Existing Product Lines
Custom Formulation & Packaging
Complete Turn-Key Manufacturing
Clean Formulation

Wide Range of Products
Haircare Products
Skincare Products
Bath & Body Products
Color Cosmetics
Fragrances – We can make, fill and assemble fragrances.

Our Products Are Ideal For:
Spas/Day Spas
Massage Therapists
Makeup Artists
Health Clubs
Yoga Centers

At Botanic Beauty Labs we are committed to your success. We have “LOW MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS” and offer both Private Label Manufacturing as well as Contract Manufacturing.

Thank you for your continued support and for being a trusted member of the Botanic Beauty Labs community!

High quality conventional & natural professional only formulas.

Wide variety of products ideal for your personal beauty regimen.


Our M Plus division works with overseas factories on larger volume manufacturing. We can either develop the formulation here in the US and manufacture overseas, use your formula to manufacture overseas or use existing formulation from overseas manufacturer. Whether you are looking for actual beauty products, packaging, or promotional accessories, we can help you source from our Asian partners.