Botanic Beauty Labs is a custom-formulator and manufacturer
of high-quality beauty products in the USA.

We specialize in working with today’s entrepreneurs who will be tomorrow’s beauty moguls. Our proprietary Botanical Blends and unique natural oils allow you to customize a formula that is truly one of a kind. With our state-of-the-art manufacturing, experienced chemists, and personalized service, Botanic Beauty Labs is your best choice for a long-term, trusted partner. Our Private Label Blending Bar Program lets you experience our formulas and customize your own product line in 5 easy steps!

Services We Offer
A Blending Bar Private Label Program
Low Minimums for Custom Formulations
Private Label Manufacturing
A Library of Unique Formulations
Complete Turn-Key Manufacturing
Unique Botanical Blends to Enhance any Formulation

Wide Range of Products
Bath & Body
Botanical Oils and Fragrances
Ayurveda-based Formulations
Clean Formulations